Finance Rx

Congratulations on your ability to have your own business!  While you are running around getting new clients and promoting your business, bookkeeping and taxes often become something we think of as an evil necessity.

Do you realize that healthy bookkeeping and tax practices also help you determine what is and is not working for your business?  Do you find yourself saying…”I’m going to get the bookkeeping caught up as soon as I get around to it”, or “I’m going to get the taxes done as soon as I get around to it”.  Let us be your “Round To It”.

Finance Rx, helping clients in the greater Houston and Katy Texas areas, is committed to helping you measure the profitability of your business through healthy bookkeeping and tax practices.  We have found that QuickBooks is the most user-friendly, time efficient bookkeeping program for small businesses and we have focused our practice in this area.

Proper QuickBooks setup and training will help you be more productive which will increase your ability to generate and track the information needed to measure your profitability.

Whether you need someone to get your bookkeeping caught up so you can send it to your tax preparer, your QuickBooks isn’t working and you need to know why, you are a tax preparer and need someone to clean up your client’s QuickBooks, we can tailor a program that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Finance Rx gets you back on track and moving in a “healthy” direction.